The inside scoop on Oprah 🎤

I spent four years working for Oprah (yes THAT Oprah). I mention this because I recently tripped down memory lane through an excellent podcast series I discovered, called “Making Oprah.” It was stellar and, in addition to reliving the excitement of being in Oprah’s orbit each day, I was reminded of the secret to her success.

To this day people ask me “what is Oprah really like?” I used to meet Oprah in the Harpo gym in the mornings. I worked shoulder to shoulder with her on that great big stage. I think people hope I’m going to drop some dishy tidbit about her love life or a quirk in her personality that never found its way into the tabloids. “She’s a MONSTER!!” (she IS NOT) Her secret? Spoiler alert: It’s not much of a secret. It’s simple. Authenticity. Everything she says or does is authentic. Authentically, delightfully Oprah. She really is a treasure and a one-of-a-kind human being.

When it comes to effectively communicating ANYTHING about your company, brand, non-profit, etc., authenticity is key. When dealing with a hostile press inquiry, be authentic. If you don’t know something, don’t be afraid to say so.

Lever.Media can help you to present your most authentic face to the world. Whether it is handling public relations, crisis communications, media training or video messaging. Let’s talk about your needs and get to work on being authentic.

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